09 June 2013

How to Spend Your Next Paycheck: A Guide on Spending Every Cent You Earn

Just got paid? Excellent.
Feeling rich and can't wait to cash in your paycheck and roll around in Benjamins? Hold that thought.

1. Take your total income, and multiply it by .3: that's how much you're going to save. Put half aside into a savings account (I use Ally) and the other half into your Roth IRA. Don't have one? Get one. You'll thank me later (Much later).

2. Pay your bills: Phone, credit card, rent, all that jazz.

3. Buy enough food to last you two weeks/ Budget how much you'll need to feed yourself until you get paid next

4. Indulge in e-commerce. Some things I'm eyeing:

1. Saturday by Kate Spade Bibbed Perfect Day Shirt; 2. Rebecca Minkoff Craig Camera Bag; 3. Botkier Honoré Crossbody; 4. Freda Salvador See in Chestnut

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