24 June 2013

Cooking with Julia: Water

Most of my business in the kitchen has to do with water:

I pull out the pitcher of chilled water from the fridge to fill my cup. If the pitcher is less than half empty, I proceed to refill it with water from the Brita pitcher. After emptying the Brita, I fill it with tap water. However, if there isn't enough water in the Brita to fill the fridge pitcher, I fill the fridge pitcher with water from the Brita dispenser and also refill the Brita pitcher. In this case, I also refill the Brita dispenser. Then I take my cup of cold water and leave. This cycle then resumes when I empty my cup.

It's a yearlong cycle: In the winter, cold water is replaced with tea and a hot water dispenser replaces the fridge pitcher although both are always actively in use.

Water, water everywhere: it's all drops to drink.

Then I guiltily waste a lot of water from constantly being in the bathroom as a result of continuous water consumption.


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