20 June 2013

Adventure is Out There!

I was just thinking that I could really use a wonderful adventure this summer , but then I realized that I'm working! There goes that pathetic excuse again :'(

It's been almost a year since my last adventure to Chicago for the Girls' World Forum and I got really nostalgic... Things like that should happen all the time. (Read about my trip here) But alas, mere peasants like myself don't get to jetset all across the globe like Ms. Aimee Song who is seriously never at home. (crazy, I know)

I suppose this summer will just have to be an adventure as a working girl. Fear not, I'll recount all my tales of enlightening children and getting them into Harvard (oh what fun!). As a result, I'll get to have loads of fun spending money on fun things and saving some too... Did I mention that I have an IRA? I think saving money is a lot of fun, actually. It makes me feel all grown up and responsible :)

In other news, I walked to the far library today. It was a really pleasant day, but the allergens here in urban-suburbia dropkicked me and left me on the ground to die, so I think I'll just stay at home forever. Yup, that's my adventure of the day.

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