25 April 2013

Why Insomnia is Bad

Insomnia. It attacks us all at the worst times: before a final exam, before the championship game, before the first day of classes, and every other bad occasion you can think of. If you've never experienced insomnia, then drink a couple cups of coffee an hour before you go to bed. Trust me, you'll regret it.

The worst thing about insomnia is that one sleepless night can mess up your entire sleep schedule for many nights to come. Soon, going to bed at 6 in the morning will become the norm. Once you finish your day, you'll be so exhausted that you'll plop into bed despite the early hour then wake up later at 2. Sucks, right?

WELL I haven't gotten to the very worst part yet: Insomnia is a direct trigger of online shopping. If I can recount correctly, I'd say 25% of my entire wardrobe was the result of after-midnight sleepless binge shopping. Frequented sites like Uniqlo and ASOS and their demeaning "Thank you for your order" banners thrive off your insomnia and your wallet.

Subsequently, I have once again become a victim of ITBS: Insomnia-Triggered Binge Shopping. The symptoms are a racing mind, sleeplessness, and a hungry stomach. The (quite fatal) side effects include unexpected packages containing items you like but don't love and a very empty wallet. Side effects can be worsened if a computer is conveniently located within reach of your bed. To protect yourself from ITBS, refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages after 3 PM, refrain from indulging in overly sugary desserts prior to going to bed, and do everything in your power to just fall asleep.

And if you were curious at all, I just bought a men's sweater and a pair of ankle boots off ASOS. Also worth mentioning: ASOS prices are cheaper in GBP, plus 1GBP > 1USD, so sales take off more $$ in GBP (does that make sense? sorry, my brain's fried)

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