26 April 2013

I can't, I'm working

Friends, it has come to my attention that I cannot refrain from shedding light on a significant issue ravaging adult persons like myself. Those of us who are under the employ of institutions of supplementary learning and additional acquisition of skills or knowledge may find yourselves strongly agreeing with what I have to say.

To start, I would like to acknowledge that an institution of supplementary learning in layman's terms indicates tutoring services and test preparation among other subjects of "supplementary learning." Having been said, these establishments typically cater to students anywhere from nursery school to college. Hence, the characteristic hours of operation of a typical such institution is considered "after-school" which begins on any weekday at 3 PM and on weekends at any time during the day although mornings are widely favored.

However, the issue at hand concerns the lack of any social calendar that I have recently come to realize. For those of us who rely on the hourly wages we earn, it is necessary to comply with the given rate and schedule we are assigned. Being employed at such an establishment, however, implies that you will also be working during "after-school" hours. In my case, I typically work from 4 to 7:30 during the week although I often end up staying until 8. Despite working on business days, I've found that the world does socialize during the week.

Within the past several days, I have been forced to cancel several social engagements using the excuse "I have work" which quite frankly, makes me a little upset. I have no issue with my place of employment (Hi Marcus) nor do I have any issue with the hours I have been assigned. My qualms lie in the fact that my social activity is now largely reliant on my work schedule.

Basically: I'm growing up, I have a job, I feel old, the world revolves around the typical "9-5" job, I do not have such a job, social engagements are now a third (maybe fourth) priority, the "work" excuse makes me sad and I've never liked it, and I can't wait to learn some architecture.

Please pay no mind to the fact that this post has gone from very formal writing to sloppy mishmash. It is midnight on a Friday and I have to go to bed because I have work tomorrow.

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  1. You should see my world.. work mostly in evenings and on the weekends @_@ not that I mind too much, but I've used that same "I have work" line too many times to count :O