12 December 2012

Question Week!

I need to take my mind off of schoolwork (not that I've been thinking about it to begin with) so I hereby declare the inception of QUESTION WEEK!

Every day, I'll conjure up a 'Question of the Day' to which I DEMAND answers! You can leave your answers at the bottom of the post as comments and yes, there is an anonymity option.

The second half involves questions from you! Go to formspring.me/whoisjulialu and ask me random questions to which I will answer to the best of my ability. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO KNOW ALL OF MY DEEPEST AND DARKEST SECRETS. I'm an open book.

May the festivities commence!
To start:

Question of the Day (for Thursday):
What do you do in your spare time?

leave your answers below, friends. DO IT.


  1. Photograph squirrels, watch Netflix, and drink tea.

  2. I spend hours painting flowers. WHO.AM.I?

    1. the crazy chick down the street.