18 June 2012


gah! wasting post #200 to write about... PROM.

Disclaimer: I'd like to mention that I did not go to prom, so this is all speculative, but whatever...

Now that prom has come and gone, it seems as if more people have been asking me why I didn't go more so than people asked me why I wouldn't be going before the event.Well I hope you all had fun. I had fun that day too! Yeah, so it's not like I stayed home and watched tv in bed.

Honestly, I'll admit that a part of me wanted to go for two reasons: dressing up, and just for the sake of going. I suppose that the latter isn't really a legitimate reason, but whatever. But when I thought about it, I wasn't willing to spend $200 on a prom ticket, with the cost of transportation, my dress, shoes, hair and makeup, and possibly afterprom costs as well. Summed up, it would have been more than $600, including the time spent trying on dresses and all that jazz. Oh, and have you seen salons during prom season? So there we have it, time and energy spent on a 4 hour event and I hear the food wasn't even that good.

So what did I do on Saturday? Actually, I graduated from Girl Scouts... kinda. I emceed the Court of Awards event which really symbolized the culmination of a decade's worth of scouting. It was my last year of ten, and I really could not miss it. If you think about it, I've been a Girl Scout for more than half my life, and I just became a lifetime member, so in my entire lifetime I will not have been a scout for 8 years. Doesn't that seem crazy?!

And back to prom.
I will also admit that I did a bit of stalking and skimmed through people's prom pictures. But then again, who doesn't? Everyone looked fabulous, and I wish I could have been there to see all my ladies in their spectacular gowns!


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