28 June 2012

"Beach" Party

Last week I ventured out to Rockaway Beach via a bus and train. My time at the beach was quite relaxing but oh my lord, I am never taking that bus again.

Here's my proposed solution: a "beach" party at the Highline! It only takes an hour by train to get there and under the beating sun in 94 degree weather, we can pretend it's the beach! Just lay back on the reclined chairs on DVF's sundeck and soak some Vitamin D. It's the perfect situation minus the annoying sand that gets trapped in every crevice of your body, and there's a water feature! And hey, if you really want, be my guest and feel free to jump into the Hudson. With Chelsea Market just below, you can always run inside to cool off from the heat. Oh, and did I mention Artichoke pizza?! YUMMAY!

So... Anyone up for a "beach" party tomorrow?


... seriously though.

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