01 April 2012

Plans for my Plans

College is a lot more than an education. It's your chance to become the person you want to be. You're in a new place with new faces and you can finally do what you want to.

Things I Plan/Want to Do in College: (that are also legal)

  • Study Abroad. Perhaps a semester in Paris or London, and as many j-terms abroad as possible. It's my chance to see the world!
  • Learn a new language. I've been pressured to take Mandarin in school, but I'm leaning toward French.
  • Take up a new sport. Maybe join crew or squash, or learn the art of horseback riding!
  • Habitat for Humanity (finally!). Maybe even overseas...
  • Be more involved with photography. 
  • Campus visits! One thing I'm most excited about is visiting all my high school friends in their respective campuses :)
  • Cross-country roadtrip with friends. I've always dreamed of driving across the country. You get to experience America as a whole and better yet, with people you love!
I'm really looking forward to college, and plan on reveling every second of it. As a kid, I remember thinking that college was so far away that I'd probably die somewhere along the line before making it. But here I am, better than ever, ready to take on the world. I suggest you do the same.

I found a really great list of things to do during college. It's dated, and it's from the MIT Admissions page, but it's great. Check it out here.

Enjoy the best part of the rest of your lives.


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