01 April 2012

Alone, on Your Own

Sometimes the prospect of venturing out into the world alone frightens me. Human beings are social animals, so when it comes time to do things on our own, we may feel nervous. Fear not, friends! It's time to conquer your frights and embrace your individual!

  1. Coffee shops. Whether it's Starbucks or the coffee shop down the block, I absolutely love going to them on my own. I can grab a cup of coffee and spend as much time as I want reading a book. There's no one bothering you about being bored and no one to rush you.
  2. Shopping. While I usually go shopping with my friends, I find it much more rewarding to go on my own. Again, there's no one to rush you and you can go to whatever stores you like and avoid the ones you don't like. No one to wait for, no one waiting for you, and more importantly, no one to discourage your fashion choices.
  3. Museums. The best way to experience a piece of art is to really experience it. I learned that on average, a person spends 7 seconds looking at a piece of art. That's what's great about art history classes. You learn about art from all throughout history, and you really study the styles. I've learned to take a seat in front of a piece and just examine it. Just observe its flaws, its beauties, its ebbs and flows, and the emotion that the artist is feeling. Now, you can't do that when people are bugging you to get a move on after those 7 seconds, no?
The next time you want to go to a museum or want to go shopping, don't be held back by your fiends' schedules or their unwillingness to go. Just step outside, and the rest will come naturally! Honestly, the only reason why I'm  find myself cooped up inside is because I'm "too lazy" or unwilling to go out. But once I go outside, I never want to go back in. Once you're on your way, all your fears of being alone will melt away and nothing else will matter. It'll just be you and your purpose.

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