14 April 2012

Let Me Tell You a Story

Yesterday while in Chelsea, I stopped by this really fantastic store directly across the street from the Highline on 19th Street. Walking past the space, you couldn't even tell it was a store. The "storefront" is a spectrum of colored panes of glass following the order of the rainbow. If I hadn't gone in, I probably would have thought it was a gallery or a museum-type place.

The special thing about this store is that it's a chameleon. The team behind Story customizes the space to embody a theme which changes every 4 to 8 weeks. Now, it's Color Story, thus explaining the colored glass. Inside, the store is arranged by color with respect to the placement of the window panes. From red to purple, customers shop from an extremely awesome selection within particular color stories. But seriously, there were some pretty cool things that caught my eye.

If you're ever in Chelsea or atop the Highline, you have to check this place out. Color Story is closing May 22 before a new theme pops up! I'll definitely be visiting again soon... and there's a photo booth. love!



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