03 March 2012

Spring Cleansing

Since the new year rolled around, I've been thinking a lot about cleanses and exercising this year. Given that I spent most of my winter break at home watching TV, it's safe to say that I haven't gotten much exercise done this year.

Actually, I have a semi-legitimate reason for not working out thus far: I'm allergic to it (really!). I've been intending to sign up for a junior membership at NYSC, but since I'm a minor, I need a parent to come with me, and my parents have been rather busy lately. Then one morning my mother dragged me outside for a jog after a sportswear shopping spree the previous day. It was February, and it was mildly chilly but I had a nice, new insulated jogging sweater. Anyway, after about 3 runs around my nearby park, my legs started to get super itchy and we headed back home. When I peeled my skin-tight jogging pants off, I was surprised to discover that my legs had broken out in hives (Yeuch!).

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After consulting my mother sans pants, she said that it also happened to my dad several times, noting that it's probably caused by low temperatures. To back up our conclusion, it happened again when we went camping one weekend and I was outside in the same leggings, again, in the cold. So basically, I just can't exercise in the cold.

Aside from all of that, I am going to start spring with a new monthly ritual: the apple and water cleanse. From Monday to Wednesday during the first full week of a new month, I will eat and drink only water and apples. To top it off, I will find the time to finally sign up for that NYSC membership so I can finally take the spin classes I've been yearning for.

Hopefully, I'll be able to maintain a regular schedule of spin classes and cleansing, and I'll be sure not to spin on cleanse days. Now, we'll just have to see what happens from there....

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