04 March 2012

The Perfect Day

No, I didn't just have the best day ever. I've just been dreaming about it. This is what it would entail:

A small group of close friends together on the highline on a warm sunny day. There'd be a slight breeze and it wouldn't be unbearingly hot. I'd be wearing a floral sundress and my signature Ray-Bans. We'd chat while walking along the Highline and eventually choose a spot to settle down. There, we'd break out the goodies and somehow make a pitcher of oolong tea. We'd lie down on nearby benches or grass (or on the ground) and relax under the warm grasp of the sun. Together, we'd share warm moments and laughs just as true friends would. Later on, while the sun is lowering in the sky, we'd head to Chelsea Market to peruse various shops and enjoy a good meal.

It'd be a beautiful, relaxing, calming, wonderful day in my favorite place with my favorite people. I could ask for nothing more.

Until next time,

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