17 March 2012

Literature Overload

As a person who enjoys reading, I absolutely hate the awkward periods between books when you have nothing to read. This is how I've come to read several books at the same time... so that when my list dwindles down to two books, I can request more from the library. But this system is biting me in the ass.

Right now, I'm reading 6 books (crazy, right?). Well, not actually reading them all right now, but they're in my possession and I plan on reading them within the week. Anyway, they're all pretty substantial books and I'm reading Atlas Shrugged which is a 1000-page literary monster. On top of that, I have to read and finish all the library books within 2 weeks or so when they're due which also means I have to put Atlas Shrugged on hold. *Saddened* Now, I march outside to sit in my lawn chair to read/take a nap... Man, at this rate, I'll never finish these books.

Lesson learned: only read up to 5 books at a time (4 if you're reading Atlas Shrugged)

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