16 March 2012

$15 for a year of AWESOME

Every month I look forward to receiving a fat glossy magazine chock-full of super awesome and inspiring things... get your mind out of the gutter, it's Architectural Digest!


If you haven't seen or read an issue of Architectural Digest before, then you're missing out. It's literally full of super cool buildings, interior design inspiration, and amazing homes worth millions of dollars. Whenever I receive a new issue, I tear it apart and pull out all the great things to add to my inspiration scrapbook-type thing. Even if you're not interested in architecture, you'd still absolutely love this magazine... it's preparation for home-ownership!

On top of all that, every year in March Architectural Digest hosts a Home Design Show in the city! It's like a 3-dimensional mega-issue with everything you've ever dreamed of... in one place. I just bought my ticket and I'm super duper hyped to go. Can't wait! You can find me doing preliminary shopping for my dorm room :) Better yet, I got my ticket at a reduced price that comes with a year's subscription of AD (Score!)

You can get your own ticket to the Home Design Show + a subscription to AD magazine for $15 here.

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