14 March 2012

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games movie is being released next week... ! *squeal*

Hunger games.jpg

I'm super excited to catch the midnight showing with my sister... even more so than I was with Harry Potter 7 Pt. 2. If you plan on watching the movie but haven't read the book yet, then get your ass over to Barnes & Noble. The novel by Suzanne Collins is quite fantastic and is followed by two sequels, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. The Hunger Games is a great novel on its own, but Catching Fire and Mockingjay continue the story in a way that seems a bit unnecessary. I don't know about you, but if I wrote a book like that, I'd want my readers to keep guessing about what happens in the end. Sure, the two extra books provide a sense of closure for readers, but I could have survived without them.

I won't spill any details, but you HAVE to read the book. Regardless of whether you're interested or not. Katniss and Peta will ignite your heart.


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