20 March 2012

#Get Your Own Swag

It may just be me, but I get quite irritated when I spot people with whom I make daily interactions with (relatively) sporting the exact same items I own. Yes, I know it's inevitable considering trends come and go, namely TOMS which I find quite blasphemous considering previous hesitation toward them despite my advocacy. It's also impossible to avoid when you shop at megamarts like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.

look at all those people waiting to buy the same thing as each other...

Then when I complain to my friends (or my mother) and express near-ferocity, they attempt to coax me by calling me a 'role model' and saying that I make things look good, causing people to want to get their own (well, at least my mom does). Okay, let's entertain that thought for a moment. Say that I do make things look good (pft). This permits admiration and envy by onlookers, but copy & paste, and bad things will happen.

The thing about fashion is that everyone has their own opinion regarding it. There's a wide range of thoughts concerning this, but I'll just tell you mine: I dress for myself. Some people will dress to impress others and others won't even take a second look at what they're wearing. But I dress the way I do to boost my self-confidence. On top of that, it's one of the primary ways that I express myself.

Looking through my closet, I find that there are two main categories in which I can label my clothes: my 'signature' pieces, and well, everything else. Now, I don't mind if someone has the same American Eagle shorts or UO tank that I do. Honestly, I'd probably make a comment that we could be matchy-matchy. But if I catch you wearing the exact same floral dress that just happens to be my all-time favorite, then it's on.

But seriously, don't hang onto other people's coattails. There's nothing more embarrassing than showing up to the same party wearing the same dress as the girl next to you. Just make the effort to be a little more original, don't just buy the first thing you see.

/end rant/

Until next time,

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