25 March 2012


She's taking up photography again!

I've barely touched my dSLR since the summer, and with the nice weather coming in, it's a perfect time to experiment with new cameras! My parents got me a compact digital camera for my birthday and my favorite feature is the multitude of built-in filters... actually, I didn't even know it existed until my sister showed it to me one day. But anywho, with instagram and all, I've been inspired to venture towards film photography! My mother actually lent me her Nikon with this super retro lens that weighs a ton but I'm too nervous to take it outside, so inside it shall stay.

My Wishlist:

Diana F+, the one and only
Diana F+ 

Twilight Blue Diana Mini

Diana F+ "colette"
Diana F+ colette

Diana F+ London LWC (Sold Out Lim. Edition)
my one true, yet unattainable, love
Diana F+ London LWC

I'm super duper excited to get my new camera! Fear not, I shall not neglect it and nor will I break it [hopefully- no promises there]!

Impart your knowledge of film cameras upon me! The more I know, the merrier!


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