25 March 2012

100 brandless days

For 100 days, Andrew Miller, a graduate student studying branding at SVA, is going white on white. Each day, he'll be replacing one item's thoughtfully planned branding by painting it completely white.

5/100: MTA MetroCard

What would this world be like without branding? Which would you rather buy: a black and brown Duracell battery, or this white one?

14/100: Duracell

This raises more questions: How much attention do we pay to a company's branding? Are some designs more memorable than others? What, if anything, do we remember about objects that we use day to day?

3/100: Scotch

Miller's efforts are definitely eyebrow-raising and quite insightful. His mission challenges our way of thinking and proves/disproves the efforts of marketing teams worldwide.

Follow Andrew Miller's 100-day journey through a brandless universe: http://brandspirit.tumblr.com/

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