10 February 2012

A Transition Pt. 2: Restaurant Week

This is my second post on "Chronicles of a Berry Tart" which is about Restaurant Week although it ends tomorrow :( 

Restaurant Week 2012

First, a ‘thank you’ to the finest city of them all.
As some of you jaded New Yorkers may know, Restaurant Week is in full swing. This year in honor of its 20th anniversary, it will be 20 days long! That’s 20 days of lunch and dinner at super-fancy high class restaurants for a reduced price. Now of course, a week isn’t actually 20 days long and Restaurant Week doesn’t actually last for a week. Maybe it did when it first started, but I certainly appreciate its lengthened time span. It started several days ago (Jan. 16th) but it will continue until February 10th! That should be plenty of time to visit every participating restaurant, right? You just have to have enough room for 3 lunches and 3 dinners in a single day.

To further add to the Restaurant Week temporal confusion, it occurs more than once a year: once in the winter and once in the summer. So it’s not only 20 days long this year, but there are two twenty-day long “weeks” of fine dining for a fraction of the price.
The catch about Restaurant Week is that the $24.07 and $35 prices for lunch and dinner, respectively only apply to a prix-fixe menu. A prix-fixe menu is one that the restaurant prepares beforehand with a limited selection of dish options. It is customary for a restaurant to offer an appetizer, entree, and dessert for its lunch and dinner prix-fixe menus. However, it is completely up to the restaurant’s discretion whether or not they want to add a dessert to their lunch menu (among other things).
I’ve known about Restaurant Week for years- it’s certainly hard to escape billboards and bus posters advertising the famed event after living in New York my entire life. However, I made my first restaurant week excursions this past summer. This is where I went:
Plein SudTribeca
This cute French eatery in the heart of Tribeca is one of the best places I’ve ever dined at. When I came here, I had the fennel soup to start. I must say, it is one of the best food items I’ve ever consumed in my entire lifetime. I’m being completely serious. I recommend it to all my friends all the time and every time I mention it I remember its savory flavor… it was just too good. It was so amazing that it completely overshadows the rest of the meal… I can’t even remember what else I ordered. 
The decor makes you feel like you’re actually in a French cafe in Paris. The waitstaff is also quite courteous and considerate. If you’re going to take something away from this post, let it be this: GO.
I also went to an Argentinian restaurant, also in Tribeca but I can’t seem to recall what it was called…
Have you ever gone out for Restaurant Week? If you have, tell me about where you went and your overall experience!
For more information about Restaurant Week and a list of participating restaurants, visit www.nycgo.com/restaurantweek
Ciao for now!
-Your loving Berry Tart

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