29 February 2012

Please Don't Rain on my Parade

One thing about springtime in New York is that it rains. Quite frequently, too. In fact, the weather patterns were so consistent one spring that it rained every Monday, and no other day.

Today marks not only a leap year (yippee!), but the first rainy day of spring. Like many other kids I know, I find myself avoiding contact with the outside world when it rains. I'm sure you feel this way too, and combined with precipitation-induced drowsiness, the only place I want to be is in bed. But no more, friends! No more.

This spring, I vow to embrace the rainy days that put us all in a gloom. On days that it rains, I shall not stay sheltered from the demeaning water drops plummeting their way toward me aiming for ideal splashdown atop my head. I promise to jump in puddles, catch raindrops in my mouth, and break out in song.

So take the vow with me: No more sullen days of isolation this spring! Enjoy the rain while it lasts because before we all know it, summer will be in full swing and New York will be stifling and sticky.

Until next time,

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