19 December 2013

A Year in Review

Ah, winter break! A well-deserved reprieve for hard-working students everywhere, a kind gift for (hopefully) acing finals and reviews. Especially reviews. 

It’s hard to believe that the year is already coming to an end, but what a year it has been. I’ll spare you the misery of reading a long and boring recap where I brag about all the things I’ve accomplished in 12 months like an overly proud parent who loves voicing how proud she is of little Bobby’s bronze medal in the peewee olympics. 

How do you measure a year in the life? Let’s break it down:
2 schools
1.5 semesters of college
1 really bad haircut
1 new pair of glasses that I am now unable to not wear
12 job prospects
6 months of tutoring
7 days in the mountains
60 min. commute to school during rush hour (with a ride to the train)
90 min. commute to school on the weekend
3 x 30-Day Unlimited Metrocard 
3 x 7-Day Unlimited Metrocard
6 Everlane tees 
2 overworn pairs of BDG hi-rise black pants
8 AM arrivals Mon-Fri
8 PM/later departures 
5 rolls of paper (of various types)
4 8B pencils
4 sketchbooks; 2 full, 2 in progress
2 lost Muji pens (1 of which is indefinitely out of stock at NYT Muji)
0 misplaced/broken/stolen items of significant value (other than the Muji pen which I loved so dearly)
1 arch school all-nighter (quite a feat, I’ve come to hear)
2 midnight trips to Insomnia Cookies
1 fantastic semester

And of course, there are items of unknown quantities, all of which are better left unknown…
Lety’s dessert bundles
Starbucks latt├ęs
visits to the art store
Muffins, so many muffins
Breakfast sammies

But you can’t reduce an entire 525,600 moments to numbers! Ask yourself this: are you happier now than you were in January? In an ideal world, the answer will always be a resounding YES. But I can’t help but pose the question of how high your happiness can grow after a certain point. I think I’ll control myself from plunging into the philosophy and economics of happiness now. Take a moment to consider your happiness though, and challenge yourself to be happier in the upcoming year. Everything is possible.

I’ll close this note with a very big THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone—and I mean everyone—for being such fantastic people who have contributed to my journey. Wow I feel like I’m writing an acceptance speech for a major award that I haven’t even been considered for (what?). 

Live on, friends! Work harder, dream harder, make bigger goals, achieve them all with flying colors, impress people, fight for what you love, let go of what you lose; live, love, peace, and prosper! 

Forever yours,


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