03 November 2013

Existential Essentials

If I wrote about my annoying influx of melodramatic feelings every time I had an existential crisis, I would have written a multitude of volumes by now.

Question: What's the meaning of life?

I used to think that it was to leave the world a better place than when you arrived. But now I don't think there is an answer. There is no meaning or purpose for our existence. Over the course of a bazillion years, the odds just continuously panned out in our favor and voila! One day, homo habilis came about, and as they say, the rest is history.

I think that people try to assign a meaning to life so that they'll feel more comfortable with existing. In a hundred years, most of us will be nonexistent blips in the History of the Earth, with the exception of marvelously talented people with excellent work ethic who will one day be able to travel backward in time. That being said, Why? Why do we put ourselves through so much agony for lost goals? Why does it matter how much effort I apply in creating each line for a drawing? What can I achieve by waking up before 6:30 to get to school? How much of a difference will my effort make in the long run?

But that's just it, isn't it? Once you lose sight of the minor goals, the larger ones become irrelevant as well. And then your life will start tumbling down the drain. So I guess all the small things matter. All the effort you put into accomplishing small tasks will condition a greater self that can accomplish greater things!

At least I think so. (I'm not quite sure about anything these days)

But I still have no will.

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