21 August 2013

Wednesday Update

PET PEEVE: People who eat entire bars of Hershey's chocolate. It's just so... bleugh

School starts next week (what?)

I have to go to orientation on Friday (ugh kill me now)

Not looking forward to wading through an ocean of freshman with their parents

I am officially out of green tea.

TenRen's Oolong is very strong.

I much prefer my random Yamamoto Oolong (is that what it's called?)


School supply shopping?

No, I literally have enough notebooks and notepads to line the entire world with paper.

It's really hot.

I hope fall comes SOON.

Like tomorrow maybe.

Is NYC going through a heat wave or is it normally this hot? (I don't remember)

Currently watching the latest episode of Breaking Bad.

I'm freaking out.

BAH okay bye

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