08 July 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: Lexicon

A couple days ago my sister and I were talking about how some words sound really weird to our own ears. I can't stand hearing the word "purse," and cringe even more at "moist." She then proceeded to ask me what my favorite words were. Being incredibly dorky, I knew that I had a great list of words that I really like, but none came to mind at the time.

Ever since, I've accumulated a stack of words but I know that if I share it with her out of the blue, she probably won't care. Because that's how siblings work. Here we go...

  • verve 
  • lexicon
  • incredulous
  • pithy
  • singular
  • ascetic
... well, it seems that my short-term memory has failed me yet again. 

But you know what? I have a favorite French phrase:

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

It means "What is it?" and thanks to the lovely French language that accounts for silent syllables in every random position, is pronounced Kess-kuh-say

Tulips and butterflies! Have a wonderful Monday, mes chers :)

On another note: I also intend to drop the grossly unattractive .blogspot from the URL in the coming week (EXCITING)

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