02 June 2013

Tools for an Excellent Day

It's a summery Sunday and I am stranded in "happening" Queens where I live across the street from Nicki Minaj's house and regularly visit the world-class museums down the street. (Just kidding, I do not live across the street from Nicki Minaj and there are no museums in my part of town)

Seeing that I've been spending a lot of time at home because a) I have nowhere to go, and b) no money to do things, I've drafted what would make for an excellent day in Julia-land...

  1. An Excellent Cup of Coffee: The best coffee that I've ever had was in South Hadley. Thirsty Mind's Caramel Lattés are juice for the Gods. They are smooth, not too sweet, at a perfect temperature, and taste more perfect than any Starbucks or Rao's caramel latté I've ever had. However, I once had a really good soy caramel latté from Starbucks but my subsequent one tasted nasty. Thirsty Mind gets it right every time. EVERY TIME, ladies and gents.

  2. Excellent Weather: After careful consideration, I've concluded that my perfect summer temperature is 82 degrees. However, anything between 74 and 85 would qualify as excellent weather, given that there are no T-storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, or nor'easters to ruin my day.
  3. A Good Ensemble: I say "good" because "great" ensembles are meant for galas, nights on the town, fancy parties, and all that jazz. I find that it's a general rule to wear a "good" outfit on the reg. Good ensembles are comfortable, make you happy, and make you feel good. They're not too casual but not flashy or high-maintenance. It's an outfit that you can throw on and know that you look good without having to look in the mirror.
  4. A Comfortable Train Ride: My favorite thing about taking the train is that I always use that time to read (unless I'm accompanied by a friend in which case that would be terribly rude). As much as I enjoy reading, whenever I do so during my free time, I feel as if I had wasted the day reading. That being said, I really enjoy reading while travelling by bus or by train because I don't have to set aside time to read, and commutes to the city are a good hour long. So yes, a comfortable train ride in a sparsely crowded car with proper temperatures, and a good book. I really like the E train.
  5. Memorable Food: Whether it's a tea-time snack at Rose House, an excellent meal at a favorite restaurant, the best Cobb salad you've ever had, or any delicious dessert, good food is a key characteristic of a really good day. One of the best feelings is consuming something that is so good that you can't stop thinking about it for longer than you'd be willing to admit. 
  6. Good Company: I could do any combination of things on my own, but being able to spend some quality time with a friend is always A+. I especially enjoy sharing meals with someone which is something that I learned to appreciate while at Mount Holyoke. Meals were a time where you didn't have to worry about a bill and could catch up with old friends over good food. As long as I can take the train by myself, I'm as happy as a clam.
  7. A Quality Purchase: Of course, this isn't a necessity for an excellent day, but that one item that you just can't stop obsessing over and looks great on you is something that you definitely need to snatch up. This item is something that you don't typically find everyday. It's a quality item, can be a little pricey, but it makes you smile and feel fantastic. However, it can't be overshadowed by many purchases because it will seem less special amongst your collection of new acquisitions.

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