10 May 2013

The World at Your Feet

Ever since I was a wee young'n, I had always dreamed of living in places all across the globe while still being abundantly rich. Some people say that the best time to travel is during your 20s when you have infinitesimal energy and a boundless hunger for adventure.

Well, my 20s are nigh (almost) and as it stands, I have several options:
1. Forget about going back to school and travel the world for all of eternity
2. Go back to school (5 years ugh), graduate, and then travel however, my diploma will be nearly invalid in the architectural field upon my return because technology advances quickly and will leave me in the dust
3. Go to school, graduate, get a job, become wildly successful and then travel in my later years with the riches I had accumulated

From where I stand, I know that if I ever want to become successful in anything, my best bet is to stay here in the city. Yes, it is the greatest city on the face of the planet (that is no contest), but that would leave me without much room to travel.

The other day my sister asked me what I thought the greatest birthday would be like. I told her that I would want to spend a week in someplace new across the pond—not necessarily in England. From there, I decided that every year I would do everything in my power to go somewhere new for my birthday. For this year's wild celebration, I was considering a trip to Boston to witness the Head of the Charles which also coincidentally coincides with my birthday weekend. It's very possible right now, but I'll probably need to be pushed along the way to make things happen.

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