13 May 2013


1. I never want to have a desk job vs. I want to have a cubicle
A battle of occupation and possession
      Desk jobs, as unfavorable as they may seem, can be stepping stones toward one's final occupational goal (if there ever was one). However, even the most important jobs take place at a desk and with the burgeoning rise of computer technology in the workplace, sitting at a desk somehow contributes to nearly every employee's occupation.  
      Cubicles on the other hand, are the ultimate symbol of the typical desk job. Employees come in at 9, leave at 5, take a break for lunch in the middle of the day, and return the next morning at 9 to restart the cycle. While this seems incredibly mundane, cubicles also offer a canvas of expression. Your cubicle is representative of yourself and you can call it your own despite being outside your home.

2. Close the blinds, it's too bright I'm blinded! vs. Open the blinds, it's such a wonderful day, let the sun wash the room with light!
A battle of senses
     During the winter I am a huge advocate for closed shades and dark rooms. What goes on in my head: a dimly lit room is comfortable, comfort is equivalent to warmth, warmth and comfort is idyllic during the cold blustery months of winter
     During the summer, I demand that every window be open and that the sun's sometimes-oppressive rays be welcomed inside. Despite it being 1000 degrees, summer days are sunny, warm, cheery, and uplifting. The brighter and sunnier it is, the more compelled I will be to go outside, and the happier I will be. I'm moving to an equatorial location.

To be Continued...

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