01 May 2013

An Anthology

I tried writing something substantial but alas, my brain particles have ceased to function and it's kinda late...

Pet Peeves, Volume 3

1. People who list Twilight as one of their favorite books/ People who only read chick-lits

2. Black articles of clothing that attract dust

3. People who complain about other people's houses

Four-Leaf Clover

Today I was working with a student on his writing and he had written such a beautiful metaphor. Love, he says, is like four-leaf clovers because they're special and admired and despite the rarity in finding them, some people are lucky enough to.

Ex: 24 H in a D = 24 Hours in a Day

  • 3 B M (SHTR)
  • 13 = U F S
  • 12 S of the Z
  • 29 D in F in a L Y


in other news, May is upon us! I may or may not get into college (again) but this time it's all or nothing.

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