18 December 2012


What is an introvert? An introvert, as suggested by the prefix intro- is defined as a shy, reticent, and typically self-centered person. However, Merriam-Webster isn't always right. I identify as an introvert and I know a handful of other people who consider themselves introverts, but we don't perfectly fit the "shy, reticent, and self-centered" mold.

Take myself, for example. I am an introvert and sometimes I like doing things on my own. I don't need a posse of people to make things enjoyable nor do I thrive in social situations. See, I like going to museums on my own. I find it more enjoyable that way. I can take my time, see whichever collections I choose, and take the time to think about things. Isn't it amazing to think that you could be in the same room with one of the greatest paintings in all of mankind? Just imagine Monet toiling over his water-lily pieces, trying to get the colors just right. On the other hand, if you're ever at MoMA or the Whitney and you come across a piece that instantly triggers an "Is this even art?" response, just think about it. What could the artist possibly be trying to exhibit? Anyway, this is beside the point.

Maybe what I'm trying to get across is that people in general should be more like introverts, instead of the other way around. According to about.com, introverts make up 60% of the gifted population, but only 25-40% of the entire population. So chances are, if you're introverted, you're probably kinda smart. In that case, why do people strive to be extroverted and sociable with thousands of Facebook friends when the introverts tend to be more "gifted?"

I think that everyone should just take a moment sometime and just think. Think about something that matters. Just think.

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