15 April 2012

Uncle J's Steakhouse

I thought I'd do a restaurant review for all the foodies out there. So, here goes:

On Bell Blvd in the heart of Bayside is Uncle Jack's Steakhouse, supposedly "New York's Best Steakhouse." Now I suppose you're wondering why the hell a vegetarian is writing about a steakhouse, let alone why she even went to one. Well, I was with my aunt who was very adamant about visiting Jack's. She had heard about it's great reputation and was eager to see what all the fuss was about.

First, I'd like to note that our decision to dine here was impromptu. Thus, we were unprepared. Upon our arrival on a Wednesday afternoon, my siblings, cousin, aunt, and myself walked in donned in casual attire. At the entrance, I noticed a small plaque noting "25 and older, appropriate attire." Honestly, I didn't fully understand what this meant thus resulting in a flurry of self-consciousness that we were underdressed and mostly underage. Nevertheless, we were seated in a nearly empty restaurant all the way in the back, right next to the kitchen.

1. It's quite alright to play music to soften up the ambiance, but when you're sitting directly underneath the speakers, it can get annoying. You tend to speak up, and have difficulty hearing what others are saying. We asked our waiter to have the volume lowered and it was, but only by a bit. Moments later, we asked again. This time, nothing happened. Well, they deserve a gold star for customer service, don't you think?!

2. Upon his arrival, post-introduction, our waiter began to list the day's specials. Honestly, he was just slurring types of meats and the way they were cooked. Since I'm such an angel, I was trying to seem like we appreciated what he was saying... even though I couldn't eat any of the foods anyway. By then, we had already decided what we were going to eat, too. But he just kept on rambling.

3. Then, the worst part... he asked us if we wanted bread *FACEPALM* What kind of a restaurant asks if you want bread? Of course we do, why isn't it here yet, and why did you have to ask?! Then when it came, it wasn't even a basket of bread... There were about 4 very small loaves, each a different type, each ideal for a single person. And the rest was crackers. So really, we just ate our own small pieces of bread without getting the chance to try all of them. Admittedly, the cranberry one was pretty good. But aside from that, the butter was rock solid. I'm a butter girl, and I like it spreadable, not rock-hard and difficult to even get out of the container.

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse - Bayside4. They gave me meat. Once our orders came in, I was given a plate of some kind of steak. I wouldn't know, I didn't try it, let alone order it. In fact, none of us did. I looked at it, confused as to why I didn't get my lasagna, and asked the waiter if it was, in fact, my lasagna. He said yes. With a puzzled face, I looked back at the steak, poked it a coupla times, and knew for sure that it wasn't a lasagna. 15 minutes later, I got my plate of lasagna and it was alright. Not the best I've ever had, but not the worst either.

3 of my other 4 companions were noshing on the meatloaf, supposedly a specialty. They claim it wasn't that good either, despite the praise they had heard.

Restaurants like these are the worst. They have supposedly great reputations, are very popular and well-known, but you're expectations aren't met. You leave unhappy, knowing that you paid quite a sum of money to get a great experience, but end up disappointed.

All in all, save your money and go somewhere where you know you'll get a good meal.


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