09 April 2012

Torn Between Two

Greetings from the concrete jungle!

Hope my fellow peers are enjoying their fun-filled vacations so far. I definitely am... from home, that is. So far I've done my laundry, watched a lot of TV, ate a coupla cakes (another roll cake popped up in my fridge), and pretty much slept for the unaccounted time. Great use of my free time, no?

Well while I've been doing nothing, my college decision has become a hair-jerker. If you've been following the events of my rather dull life, you'd know that I had chosen Mt. Holyoke but had received an acceptance from Carnegie Mellon which threw off my decision. Well, on Saturday my aunt (who's an architect herself) advised me to go to Pratt. Her reasoning? All the people who come from Pratt are the cool kids. That's pretty solid, if I do say so myself.

In addition to that wise piece of advice, my mother also corroborates that statement, and Pratt is giving me $60k (incl. loans) which is a hell of a price tag. So this is what it comes down to: a liberal arts school that I know I will absolutely love, or a professional architecture degree, a lot less to pay back in loans, and a head start in my career.

How the hell am I supposed to choose between two completely different schools?

Until next time,


  1. I have a friend in Pratt studying architecture right now (she's a freshman though) if by any chance you want to talk to her lol. it'd be random, but she's nice

    1. thanks girly! i might take you up on this, actually... :)