16 April 2012

Tell Me A Little Bit About Yourself

Today I was on Roomsurf filling out the profile to find your perfect roommate in school. For the record, I know that it's not legitimate, I was just curious to see who my matches were. Anyway, I spent a lot of unnecessary time writing the profile questions because I thought Roomsurf was going to process that as part of the match. It didn't, and my answers went to waste because only "Premium" members can see your answers. So I posted them on the class website and it got a good response, so I thought I'd share them with you, too:

self description: 

This must be a joke...
Julia Lu, self-proclaimed genius. Fluent in English and sarcasm. I spend all my money on clothes and random shit, including stationary. I am the kind of girl who will spend $20 on a Moleskine notebook just because it's so amazing.  Seriously though, I have a stash of Moleskine notebooks and half of them are unused. Don't ask. I have a tendency to lose important things. Right now, I'm missing my iPod. In every instance that I lost my school ID, it somehow comes back to me immediately after I purchase a new one. Starbucks crazy although I like cozy coffee shops too. Fair warning, I'd rather not wear pants in my dorm because they're just so damn uncomfortable when you're sitting on your bed. 

I play golf, want to join the crew team even though its so freaking intense, love to ski, hate camping even though i'm a girl scout, and will be forever alone. Never had a boyfriend, not interested in "falling in love" (for the time being), never want to birth a child, and I wish I was 5 inches taller.

I sometimes draw, usually fashion, because that's one thing that I actually pay attention to. Interested in politics and Republicans are stupid. Have had more dreams than aspirations, and my failure to commit myself always ends up biting me in the ass.

Love the city, hate that NYU never received my transcript, don't know what I'm going to do with my life anymore, so don't be surprised if you see me on the street selling drawings after college.

I have a blog, but no one reads it despite my shameless advertising on facebook. Wish my friends werent such lazy asses so that I could do fun things every single day. Plan on failing my APs which I took so that I could study in London. Now that the economy is sucking all the money from my parents, London isn't an option but I still have to take AP Latin. 

Turned down top tier architecture schools to go to MHC because I don't know what to do with my life and I'm not ready to throw myself into architecture for the rest of my life.

I believe that friendships/relationships are like waves of democracy. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. Love the Highline and one day I will own an apartment right next to it in Chelsea. 

Eating, Reading, Drinking Coffee and Tea, Watching TV, Sleeping, Biking, Skiing, Sunbathing, Swimming, Photography, dreaming of things that will never come to fruition

message me if:
you hate ice cream cake, love chocolate cake, or bathe in chocolate every night. or if you have a car. one of those would be useful up in nowhere-land, ya know?

and hit me up if you need a friend, although i may charge a fee. lol jk i'm the sweetest angel you will ever meet.


  1. You know Roomsurf is free? Everyone is using it. Just use the free upgrade options. It takes like 2 minutes.