08 April 2012

Mega Slump

In February... or was is January... ? Don't remember, but that's irrelevant. I got new gear. Lots of it. Running gear. And I've used it twice. It's April, several months later, hanging out in my closet after two wears.

In the beginning, I was super pumped and ready to become a super mega-fit wonderwoman. Well, I guess that dream is down the toilet. At first, my problem was being picky about where I run. After taking a couple laps around the park, it felt used and I needed a change of scenery. The thing is, there isn't much for running in my area.

Nonetheless, I need to get out of this megaslump. To do this, I shall make an open declaration: I will run twice a week for as many weeks until I'm ready for three, and so on. Hey, even I need to take baby steps.

Hopefully, I'll stick to my word and it'll help me crawl out of my slump.


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