02 April 2012

Allergy Attack

Unfortunately, the turn of my 7-year allergy cycle has changed against my favor. I used to be immune to the springtime, only suffering mild allergy symptoms in the fall. Well this time, springtime prevails and continues to attack my senses and immune system.

On a brighter note, I found HUGE Kinder Surprise Eggs at a local market today! I got so excited and I really wanted to get one but it's $15 a pop... T_T I don't think I can exert any self-control in this situation. I have to have one... Tomorrow, I will be the proud owner of a Kinder Surprise Egg. And it'll be ALL MINE Muahahahahaha!

Girls on Lookbook make me feel inferior. :(

I have so many things to get done this week and there isn't enough time in the world! Combined with my allergies, I will be getting things done at the speed of a sloth. Boo :(


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