20 March 2012

SBUX + Juice = Evolution Fresh

Starbucks opened its first Evolution Fresh store yesterday in Bellevue, Washington, just a mere 2,850 miles away. They deliver that far, right? Ha! Kidding.

For those of you looking for a healthy (-ier) alternative to your morning venti coffee, Starbucks has your answer! This is Evolution Fresh's first storefront after Starbucks purchased it some months ago, and to tell you the truth, I can't wait until they start popping up in New York. If all turns out well, then Evolution Fresh stores will conquer the world! But until then I'll be waiting to see them in Starbucks locations.

Evolution Fresh logo

The Evolution Fresh store is similar to an upscale health food store and all the food and drink is au naturale. No preservatives, no added colors, or additives. So don't judge the pale goop before you try it.. it just might be your new favorite thing.

But the prices will definitely make heads turn. At $7.99, a 16-ounce hand-crafted juice may not seem worth it at all. Not all of us normal folks can afford an $8 juice these days... or ever. Until my pockets are overflowing with cash, I think I'll stick to Naked Juice.

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