07 March 2012

No Operating System Found

I've done it again. Broken one of my electronic devices. RIP Laptop #4

What's worse, my computer died of an idiotic move on my part. I was installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview in an attempt to upgrade my sucky-ducky replacement laptop with Windows XP (so old school, I know). Anyway, I didn't read the warnings and whatnot just like any other naive computer user and that's where I was at fault.

I woke up Sunday morning and the first thing I did was install Win8. However, it took really long... like, really really long. By 11:00 that night, it was still installing and it didn't even seem to have made any progress. It had the same display as it did 5 hours prior, and 3 hours prior to that. I was frustrated and couldn't understand why it was taking so long. So I turned my computer off.

The next day, I figured I would try the installation again, hoping that it would work this time. Unfortunately, I never got to try. Upon turning on my computer, I was welcomed with a warm greeting: "No Operating System Found" ...F%&#.

I did a bit of research on how I could fix it before my dad found out, and came upon the Microsoft page for Win8. There was a prominent warning stating that at the inception of installation, the previous OS would be wiped out. F%$*. So here I am, invading my mother's laptop again. I haven't figured out how to resolve my HUGE predicament and my dad will have to replace my laptop... again. In a way, I'm a tad lucky because he works for IBM and can get HUGE discounts on their products. But then again, he has every right to call me an idiot, suspend cash flow, and give me the frown of disappointment. Oh, dad.

Until next time, (hopefully there will be one)

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