11 March 2012

The CFDA Impact

I'm sure you have eyes, so please, look at that dress. JUST LOOK AT IT! Isn't it fantastically gorgeous? Of course, it looks 10000000000x better in person... I would know.

Yesterday I finally visited the CFDA exhibit at FIT, IMPACT, which celebrates the CFDA's 50th anniversary. Prior to visiting the exhibit, I toured the Youthquake! and Fashion A to Z exhibits also at the museum. Believe me, they were both nothing to scoff at. Being able to stand several feet away from some of the most incredible pieces of fashion was amazing. It's completely different to see something worn on television or on the internet versus experiencing it in real life.

Having been exposed to the other two exhibits before entering IMPACT, I had a fair idea of what to expect. Nevertheless, my mind was blown away. As I was completing my circle around the display room, I came upon this magnificent beauty (up there ^) by Zac Posen. I couldn't take my eyes off it... literally. I even got yelled at for taking out my phone in an attempt to take a picture.

If you haven't seen the CFDA exhibit yet, you should go! It's a small exhibit, so it won't take the entire day, and it's free! Just walk in and peruse the exhibits. Visit my Z. Posen for me, will ya?


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