22 February 2012

You and Me, We're Going Moonwalking with Einstein

Book #8

What would you think if someone told you that memory is expandable? Or if you could go from remembering an average 7 things at a given time to an impressive 18? Would you believe that person? Well Joshua Foer proves that these statements are true in his memoir Moonwalking with Einstein. In it, he retells his journey from freelance writer to 2006 US Memory Champion in only a year.

I found the book utterly fascinating, to say the least. At its inception, I was looking forward to reading a full recap of Foer's training and was slightly disappointed to find less than a fraction of what I was hoping for. Nevertheless, he makes up for it by including chapters about the world's best and worst memories, as well as chapters about two incredibly talented savants. From these chapters, I definitely finished the book knowing a lot more substantial information about memory and mnemonics. However, Foer does teach you the mnemonics he uses to win the championship. My house (and first memory palace) is now characterized by Ed's to-do list in Chapter 5.

This book is a great read and I highly recommend it to those of you fascinated by the human mind or anyone trying to join KL7.

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