26 February 2012

Sarah's Key

Book #10

Tatiana de Rosnay's Sarah's Key is one hell of a novel. Upon its inception, I never would have realized how emotional it really is. It's a heartbreaking story set in Paris on the rue de Saintonge where two families become connected by one event. It begins with the Vel d'Hiv, a historic day marking the roundup of Jewish families in France by French police during the second world war. 60 years later, Julia Jarmond sets out to learn more about it for an article but ends up tangled in the story of a young Jewish girl, Sarah. Jarmond is eager to find out what really happened to her when she discovers that Sarah never made it to Auschwitz. de Rosnay complements Jarmond's quest with Sarah's tale in 1942 Paris. Their two stories meet at a particular occasion that completely changes the lives of everyone involved.

Sarah's Key is chock-full of edge-of-your seat chapters that make you want to read as much as you can to further yourself in the dual journey. While on her quest, Jarmond also faces the ups and downs of family life with a husband who no longer loves her and a daughter who proves to be much more capable than everyone thinks.

This was such a great read although I did find it rather dull in the beginning. I'm quite glad that I chose to continue the book though, because Julia's journey is thrilling to follow and soon, you want to find out more just as much as Julia does. So go to the bookstore or the library and pick up a copy. You won't regret it.

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