23 February 2012

F21 is stepping up their game! ...or not

One of my greatest weaknesses is definitely saving money. No matter how much I try, I find myself spending most or all of it on, well, even I don't know. Hence, late night online shopping...

I found myself on the Forever 21 website despite my large aversion towards the polyester superstore, and guess what I found?

That's right, folks! Faux-leather shorts. Of course, they're out of stock... maybe because this may actually be their first attempt at being fashion-forward. Then and there, I figured that maybe, just maybe, F21 is finally noting down next season's trends. All of which, of course, don't include graphic tribal shirts with those dangly bead things on the hem. Who comes up with those things?!

Much to my surprise, I discovered an "Exclusive Design" line that could possibly resemble effort to create some decent designs. But they pulled one on me! It was their same  mediocre stuff with, admittedly, several decent pieces. Then i spotted this...

oh lordy.

Now to add fuel to the fire, I present to you, Forever 21's single most dreadful styling attempt yet:

I didn't know their styling goals included making street walkers look good.

So there you have it! Concluding opinion: F21 hasn't changed at all. It'll try to, but mistakes like the one above will have the reverse effect on their company image. Sorry, polyester superstore. Try again next season. 

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