10 July 2012

5 things to know

The World
1. Science: Rice University researchers have developed a lithium-ion paint that can be applied to practically any surface on the face of the planet. That's pretty darn cool. This means that in the near future, familiar brown cylindrical Duracell batteries will be a thing of the past. Better stock up now, they might be a collector's item in 100 years (kidding). But wouldn't it be a cool idea to cover Battery Park in this super-special paint? Hrmm... PSFK

2. Art: The popular retailer American Apparel has casted Jacky O'Shaughnessy as the face of their new Advanced Basics campaign. The surprise? She's 60 years old. While she may not be a size 00, 5' 9", super-blond Norweigian supermodel, she gives the line a fresh look. Whether this is an attempt on American Apparel's part to introduce the next new thing in modelling or not, perhaps Jacky's je ne sais quois sparked something big in the marketing department. But seriously though, that crotch shot makes me want to shoot someone. HuffPost

3. Sports: Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps are best friends, and it's cute. They're both superhuman and they enjoy racing against each other so it'll be amusing watching them compete in London. ESPN

The Houston Rockets placed their bid on Jeremy Lin, and he accepted their offer. Now all us Knicks fans are biting our fingernails in anxiety as we painstakingly wait for them to offer JLin a counter offer which I hear could go up to 1 billion dollars. That's a crapload of cash that they're willing to drop on him, so why haven't they made an offer yet?! ESPN

4. International: Kim Jong-Un is catching up on his childhood with help from Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The lovable characters, along with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and other Disney characters performed in front of Mr. Kim on stage while being televised through the state-controlled television networks. The funny part? The Walt Disney Company, which has a tight control on its animated empire, noted that they did not grant North Korea permission to use its characters. While this may be an attempt on KJU's part to dramatically shift the literature and arts sphere in North Korea, he may be in bigger trouble with Disney. NYTimes

5. Beauty: The next time you find bird poop on your car windshield, carefully scrape it off and save it in a bowl (kidding). Shizuka New York spa now offers the Geisha Facial. Want to know what the main ingredient it? It's bird shit. Other than having bird shit applied gracefully to your face, other organic ingredients like cow brains, bee venom, worms, snail secretion, and snake venom, are making their way from the outdoors to inside your pores. Sounds delightful, doesn't it? NYTimes

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